Mini Project – Bart Map

Have you ever wondered which bart stations get used the most? Well wonder no more! Bart has free information about ridership (which you can find here) and I’ve made a fun little graph of it. This graph was made with d3, a javascript library for data visualization. This was a fun little project I did just to throw something on my github that demonstrates that I can do basic d3. I’m not super familiar with javascript, so the struggles I faced dealt mostly with that. Javascript is all about responsiveness. Thus, it’s a bit more difficult to just read a local file in and have it be there for use. An easy way to do this included having an upload option within the page, but I didn’t want that. Eventually I got around it and then the most consuming part was just representing the data in a way that was easy to understand. In the end I got something like this.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.37.46 PM

It’s not much, but it accomplished what I wanted. When I have a minute I think I’ll adapt it just a bit more so that you can see the ridership for individual stations as well.


On Networking

If you’re a bit shy like myself, networking can be the worst. The premise of talking to someone with the purpose of sometime down the line asking for something from them just seems unnatural and disingenuous. But it is totally necessary.

Today I introduced myself to someone and had a little conversation about what they do. The initial discomfort of reaching out was far outweighed by the little feeling of accomplishment I had after. It lead me to introduce myself to even more people at lunch time, which lead to a very promising opportunity. All of the confidence that lead me to that point and allowed me to maybe further my career can be attributed to that one little hello earlier in the day.

I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself that even though it can feel awkward and difficult, networking pays off, and the more you do of it the easier it is.

The Inaugural Post

I write this blog mostly for myself. I doubt many will read it, but as I delve deeper into the world of Tech and more specifically Data Science, I wish to keep a log of my journey and track my progress. Let’s say I’ll write at least once a week, hopefully a few times. This blog will include my thoughts about being a woman in Tech, my struggles with entering the world of Data Science (networking and job interviews), and some of the projects I accomplish along the way.

If there is any outward goal I hope to achieve by writing this blog, it is to humanize Data Science. Right now Data Science is the hottest field out there, and it covers a wide range of jobs and skills. With my projects I hope to carve out a definition of Data Science that makes sense to me and to those that know it just as a buzzword. I’d like to tackle problems in data that answer everyday kinds of questions.

A bit about myself: I’m a recent graduate living in the Bay Area. I studied Architecture for a while and then finished with Math. Over some time I’ve learned to program. Data Science feels like quite a natural choice for me given my interdisciplinary exposures. It leaves room for design in the form of Data Visualization, and makes practical all the Math algorithms I learned. I’m not sure yet what my focus will be, but finding it is just another goal I have while writing this blog.